Bobby Sound Ministries

Just as Jesus said in the Beatitudes, blessed are the poor and the hungry. Our mission is not just to love one another, but to make sure we spread the love of the Gospels everywhere. Make a great difference!

​​​​​​BOBBY SOUND MINISTRIES, founded in 2008 by the Rev.  

                                      Pastor Robert AUGUSTE, is located in

                                      Florida with an active branch in Haiti.

                                      We're certified 501(C)3 IRS Charity.

Bobby Sound Ministries is a Christian Organization with a board member of 5 people. Our congregation has 3 different ministries: Church, Health & Education like Soul, Body & Spirit (1Thess.5:23)
Church=Hcc / Health=Clinic / Education=BSM Radio-Tv, School.


Our mission is to catch people specially kids to God...


Our vision is to built a new community with a great vision of life.


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